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2018 Encouraging Reviews of Forged Steel Ball in December

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With 32 years of manufacturing experience, ALLSTAR INDUSTRY GROUP LIMITED is considered the most professional and reliable supplier of grinding media which includes Grinding Ball/ Grinding Steel Ball/ Grinding Media Ball ( Forged Steel Ball, Hot Rolled Steel Ball & Casting Steel Ball ), Grinding Rods and Grinding Cylpeb and so on.The Forged Steel Balls we manufactured are exported to more than 30 countries including USA, Canada, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, the Middle East, South Africa, Zambia, Zamabwe and so on as we have the most advanced manufacturing equipment and scientific manufacturing process.


As our Forged Steel Balls are widely used by mineral processing plants, cement plants, Power stations, quarries and other chemical industries, so we got a lot of satisfied reviews from our customers. Today we would like to share some with you.


1.Name: Tom C****

Email: tommy****

Tel: 5367****


Reviews: Early delivery, very pleased. I really like the quality. These Forged Steel Balls are round and very heavy! Seriously, exactly what I wanted!


2.Name: Coin W****

Email: coinw****

Tel: 9409****


Reviews: We checked that all of the Forged Steel Balls are right in the size and quantity. And we have to say they are well manufactured no matter the surface or the core, you can touch the weight and shape. Thanks!


3.Name: Michael E****

Email: michaele****

Tel: 5726****


Reviews: The Forged Steel Ballsarrived this morning, we surprised to find that they were really Great value. They are just as what you advertised that they are manufactured with Great quality.


4.Name: Alice J****

Email: alicej****

Tel: 8961****


Reviews: I love these Forged Steel Balls and very impressed with the heavy weight. I laughed at the sweet words about "Be careful. If you drop one, they roll a long way." And Great price, best I could find you to manufacture them. Some places charge so much, I thought I'd never buy any, until I found the right manufacturer.It was proved i was right and wise. Thank you!


5.Name: William D****

Email: williamd****

Tel: 3539****


Reviews: Compared with the other manufacturer, we found that your Forged Steel Balls are manufactured better in the quality. If we need more, we will reorder from you. Thanks!


6.Name: Bill T****


Tel: 0742****


Reviews: As we checked your Forged Steel Balls truly have good density and strengths, they are manufactured with high quality. They are great for what we are using them for.


7.Name: Joe S***

Email: joes****

Tel: 6830****


Reviews: The Forged Steel Balls arrived as promised and super fast delivery, could not be better. And what is more, they are perfectly manufactured. They are just what we needed for our factory. No time and money is wasted. Great!


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