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Grinding Cylpebs

Allstar Cylpebs are cast cylindrical grinding bodies produced by metal mold. The metal mold can be faster cooling the smelted metal which makes structure finer and more uniform. The metal mold and the Allstar advanced heat treatment technology makes the cylpebs with outstanding grinding properties.
Application Areas
• Tube mills
• Vibration mills
• Vertical mills
• Mining industry and Cement plants
Main benefits
• High wear resistance
• Uniform hardness
• High bulk density guarantees top grinding performance
Grinding Cylpebs


  • Size
  • Technical Data


Type A. Steel Drums

N.W. 850KG-900KG/Drum ; G.W. 867KG-917KG/Drum

Type B. Bulk Bags

N.W. 1000KG/Bag ; G.W. 1002KG/Bag

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