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Grinding Steel Ball

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Allstar specialized in manufacturing Grinding Steel Ball for 32 years with strict quality control system. The grinding steel ball are the means used to crush or grind material (coal, cement, mineral, …) in a mill. According to the material to be crushed or ground, grinding steel ball can have:
Different sizes: diameters from 10mm to 150mm
Different composition (alloy): high or low chromium content for steel and iron balls.

Different manufacturing process: casting or forged or hot rolled.

Main benefits:
High wear resistance
No deformation
Uniform hardness throughout

High resistance to breakage

Advantages of buying grinding steel balls from online suppliers

Nowadays, there are wide ranges of options available to buy steel balls from the online store. The steel balls are supplied by lots of companies. In the manufacturing industry, we have more years of experience in making balls based on needs of the clients. We are supplying high quality of products to customers at affordable price. Our professionals undergo the possible procedure for creating steel balls. With the advanced marketing process, we manufacture a number of products. We are one of the most reliable suppliers of grinding steel ball over the world at consumable costs. Consumers acquire the quality of goods from our online store. With the manufacturing experience our professional's supply products on required time.

Get the best service:

A steel ball is used for many industries in these days. We are supplying steel balls to offer the best solution to industries like power stations, cement plants, mineral processing plants, and chemical industries. With the advanced manufacturing tools, our expert’s builds balls at the elegant process. Yet now we served products to numbers of clients with satisfaction. Our main to deliver products with an increase in profitability, afford costs, and increase operational efficiency. We serve perfect service at anywhere any time to the consumers. In the industry, our suppliers are distributing quality of goods to customers. We also have targeted clients for supplying steel balls.

Quality of products:

You can find accurate customer satisfaction service from our experts. We supplied grinding ball to lots of countries. However, our experts assist you to maintain all products properly. At the competitive price, we deliver products to our clients. We also help you to exceed desire expectation from our suppliers. Mostly we source authentic vendors on a limited budget. We offer a guarantee for buying goods from our online store. You can find various options for ordering goods at your possible time. Our experts follow professionalism on creating steel balls. If you are looking to order the bulk of steel balls, contact our experts and look at special offers online. We help you to invest less amount in buying balls from our online store.

Quality Assurance of Allstar Forged / Hot Rolled Grinding Steel Ball

1. Stability in shape: when worn out into smallest diameter, the grinding steel balls can still be used.
2. The grinding steel balls are uniformly spherical in shape and no appreciable variation between any two balls of same size.
3. The grinding steel balls must comply to standard required alloy steel composition.
4. Surface smoothness and free from defects such as pits, soft sports, cuts, laps and out of round. 
5. High impact strength: grinding steel balls will not break or spalling will not occur during operation. 
6. Hardness of balls:
    a. Balls of size: 90mm-140mm
        Surface: 59-64 HRC
        Volumetric: 58-63 HRC
    b. Balls of size: 60mm-80mm
        Surface: 61-65 HRC
        Volumetric: 60-64 HRC
    c. Balls of size: 20mm-50mm
        Surface: 62-66 HRC
        Volumetric: 62-66 HRC

Quality Assurance of Allstar High Chromium Grinding Steel Ball

1. Stability in shape: when worn out into smallest diameter, the grinding steel balls can still be used.
2. The grinding steel balls are uniformly spherical in shape and no appreciable variation between any two balls of same size.
3. Surface smoothness on the grinding steel balls. 
4. The grinding steel balls must be free from injurious defects, such as sand inclusions, blow holes, cracks, pit marks etc.
5. Strict heat treatment: quenched and tempered so as to obtain a microstructure of chromium carbides in martensitic matrix. 
6. Hardness of balls:
    a. Balls of size: 60mm-120mm
        Surface: 58-66 HRC
        Variation in hardness from surface to core not exceed 2 HRC.
    b. Balls of size: 10mm-50mm
        Surface: 62-68 HRC
       Variation in hardness from surface to core not exceed 2 HRC.

7. Deformed, broken, spalled grinding steel balls is less than 1%.

Well-Reputed Manufacturer of Grinding Steel Balls

We are the leading and well-reputed manufacturer of grinding steel balls, we at Allstar available to cover all our customer's needs by producing high-quality materials for different applications. We have more than thirty years of experience in the manufacturing of grinding steel balls, so we only provide best quality products that are perfect for crush or grind materials in a mill. There are different sizes of grinding steel balls available that also selected according to the material. Most importantly we provide grinding steel balls in various sizes; usually, diameter differs from 10mm to 150 mm and these balls also available in different composition, including low or high chromium content for steel as well as iron balls. We use different manufacturing process to produce ground balls. Our grinding steel balls are perfect for various complicated applications in a mill because it has excellent durability and quality, benefits:

  1. High resistance to breakage

       2. No deformation

       3. High wear resistance

       4. Uniform hardness

We have more years of experience in supplying for thermal power, cement; chemical industries as well as we can also develop our manufacturing process to cover all the expectations. At Allstar, we are available to provide effective solutions to cover particular grinding applications. Of course, the effectiveness of our grinding balls also measured by product efficiency, final cost, etc. most importantly, our product has uniform hardness throughout so it can be perfect for different applications as well as our products designed with quality materials that perfectly suits for various applications.

Grinding steel balls is especially suitable for complicated applications because we use excellent quality materials and advanced techniques to produce products. So it has great density and hardness, for crushing as well as our products plays a major role in mixing heavy and hard materials. Especially, the quality products also have high impacts on grinding or crushing applications. Even grinding balls also find advantage in reducing particle size as well as produces a fine dispersion of highly viscous fluids.


We can offer a vast range of grinding steel balls in different sizes that also designed based on technical specifications. Usually, our products highly used in following areas

  • Cement plants
  • Ball mills
  • Vertimills
  • Power stations
  • Mineral processing plants

We can use metal mold techniques for producing grinding steel balls; it is the advanced treatment technology this will make the balls with good impact resistance 

Quality Inspection:

chemical analysis

ball internal quality check

 core hardness test surface hardness test

Products show:

Grinding Steel Balls

Grinding Steel Balls

Grinding Steel Balls

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