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Application areas and technical standard of grinding steel ball

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Grinding steel ball refers to the steel ball used for grinding mill materials, which is actually a grinding body. It should be said that the wear-resistant steel ball is only a kind of grinding steel ball, that is, the steel ball that is not wear-resistant can also be called grinding steel ball. For example, cast steel balls (high chromium balls, medium chromium balls, low chromium balls), forged steel balls, rolled steel balls, and bearing steel balls can be called grinding steel balls. All steel balls engaged in grinding operations can be called grinding steel balls. 

Application areas:
Grinding steel balls are widely used in metallurgical mines, cement building materials, thermal power generation, flue gas desulfurization, aerated concrete, magnetic materials, chemical industry, coal-water slurry, pellets, slag, ultrafine powder, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand and other industries.

grinding steel ball

Technical standard:

1. Whether the grinding steel ball is wear-resistant or not, the most important data is the hardness test, which can be tested with a Rockwell hardness tester. Practice shows that the service life of steel balls above HRC60 is twice that of HRC40-50.

2. Low-chromium steel balls refer to steel balls with chromium content ≤3.0% and carbon content between 1.80%-3.30% are low-chromium balls. The national standard requires that the hardness of low-chromium balls (HRC) must be ≥45 degrees. If the quality of the low-chromium ball is guaranteed, it is recommended to use heat treatment and tempering or vibration aging treatment. If the test hardness (HRC) is lower than 40 degrees, it means that the low chromium ball has insufficient hardness or overburning.
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