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Applications and Selection Criteria of Grinding Balls

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Milling media and grinding balls are used for milling or grinding processes to crush, grind and mill various materials. Grinding media or milling media can be used in milling and dispersion in the following applications:
* Advanced ceramics
* Bio technologies (DNA & RNA isolation)
* Chemicals including agrochemicals, e.g. fungicides, insecticides
Coatings, paints, printing and inkjet inks
* Electronic materials and components, e.g. CMP slurry, ceramic capacitors, conductive inks
* Food processing
* Lithium ion battery materials
* Nanomaterials
* Minerals processing
* Organic synthesis
* Pigments and dyes
* Pharmaceuticals

Initial and final particle sizes of the materials – The size of milling media should be selected based on the initial and final particle sizes of the material. Multiple milling steps using different size milling media may be needed to achieve the best milling effect. It is also possible to use a combination of milling media sizes in a single milling process to achieve desired final particle size. 

Density – Milling media with higher density usually have better milling efficiency and can lead to smaller final particle size of the material to be ground. The media should have higher specific gravity than the material to be milled.

Hardness – Harder media have higher wear resistance, less contamination, and better milling efficiency.

Composition – The selection of media composition depends on the compatibility with the material to be milled, and the container and liner materials used in the milling process. The goal is to minimize contamination and yet to achieve the best milling effect. 

Cost – Tungsten carbide and zirconia milling media typically have higher cost than alumina and agate milling media, however, they are also more wear resistant and provide better milling efficiency, and therefore, the actual milling operation costs can be lower even though the milling media cost is higher.

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