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Factors affect the change of grinding balls consumption

Views: 1260 Update Date:Feb 02 , 2021
Each producer that uses grinding in its production faced the situation when specific grinding media consumption exceeds the previously established norm. Generally, in the view of the consumers the single reason is the quality change of grinding balls used.

Practice shows that in more than 80% of cases the change in the technological basis causes the increase of the grinding media consumption. These changes may be invisible to the employees of the production plant at first sight. Only a thorough analysis of grinding technology will help to understand the reasons for this situation.

There are several main factors which can affect the change of grinding balls consumption:

* Frequent stop and start of mill.

* Velocity change of the mill drum rotation.

* Modifying the physico-chemical properties of grinding material. Changes to mill performance. 
* Maintenance or upgrading of material supply conveyor can affect the speed and quantity of material loading to the ball mill.
* In the wet grinding, changing the flush density of the ball mill can significantly affect the grinding balls consumption.
* Overloaded or underloaded mill with grinding balls.
* The grinding balls mix from different producers or from different steel grades.
* Condition of the mill liner. Design changes of armor plates.
* Changes in physical and mechanical characteristics of grinding balls.

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