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Influence of Grading of Grinding Media on Grinding Effect

Views: 511 Update Date:Dec 05 , 2022
When the total mass of the grinding media is the same, different grinding media ratios have different effects on the crushing effect. Generally speaking, the size distribution of the media is regular in the process of continuous grinding. In order to reduce costs, the method of replenishing large balls is often used to restore the grinding capacity of the system. It is difficult for the mill to maintain a fixed media ratio during long-term work. When the diameter of the media is too different, the ineffective grinding between the media will be aggravated, that is, the large media will grind the small media, which will increase the cost of the grinding process.

Taking the ball mill as an example, it is necessary to select the appropriate size of the grinding media by calculating the appropriate impact force according to the material properties and particle size, so that the grinding media can not only have sufficient destructive force on the impact of large particle materials, but also prevent the material from being overly crushed. As the grinding progresses, the particle size decreases continuously, and the crushing force required for particle crushing also changes. When the particle size reaches a certain fineness range, due to the reduction of its crushing resistance, the corresponding crushing method will also gradually change from throwing impact crushing to grinding crushing. Therefore, in order to make the grinding balls of the grinding equipment meet the requirements of both impact and grinding, it is necessary to carry out "gradation", and choose grinding media of different particle sizes for mixing to achieve better grinding effect.

grinding media ball

It can be seen that different grinding media balls have very different crushing effects. In actual production, appropriate grinding media balls should be selected, the ball forming process of the grinding media should be strictly controlled, and the production process should be optimized to improve the grinding efficiency, reduce its grinding loss and ensure the stability of product quality.

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