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Is forged steel the same as hardened steel?

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No, forged steel and hardened steel are not the same, although they can sometimes be used in conjunction in the manufacturing process.

Forged Steel:

Process: Forging involves shaping metal through the application of force. In the case of steel, this is typically done by heating the metal and then using a hammer or press to shape it.

Characteristics: Forged steel tends to be stronger and more durable than cast or machined steel. The forging process aligns the grain structure of the steel, resulting in improved strength.

forged steel

Hardened Steel:

Process: Hardening is a heat treatment process used to increase the hardness of a material, including steel. It usually involves heating the steel to a certain temperature and then rapidly cooling it (quenching) to achieve the desired hardness.
Characteristics: Hardened steel is resistant to wear and abrasion due to its increased hardness. However, it may become more brittle as a trade-off for the enhanced hardness.

While forged steel can be subsequently hardened through heat treatment, not all forged steel is necessarily hardened. Forged steel can be used in its as-forged state for certain applications where extreme hardness is not required. Conversely, hardened steel can be achieved through various processes, and the initial state of the steel (forged or not) can vary.

In summary, forging and hardening are distinct processes, and whether steel is forged or hardened depends on the specific requirements of the final product. It's possible to have forged steel that is not hardened, and it's also possible to have hardened steel that was not initially forged.
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