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The correct use of grinding rods

Views: 444 Update Date:Jan 20 , 2023
Do you know how to use grinding rods? Let's have a look today:

1. First, define the type of mineral we want to grind. If manganese, chromium and other elements have an effect on the desired grinding powder, choose a material with a low chromium content.

2. When the grinding rod is ground below 40mm, it is a useless steel rod and will not be crushed. It still occupies space in the warehouse, and the processing capacity of the mineral powder will be reduced instead of reaching the maximum processing capacity.

3. The heat-treated grinding rod is a new product, its wear resistance is more than twice that of round steel, and it is not easy to break and crack, which reduces the cost for customers.

4. The feed of the rod mill is uniform and the speed is stable, so that the grinding rod rotates evenly in the rod mill to achieve the best state.
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