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What are the attributes of the high chromium section?

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The shape of the high chromium section is geometrically cylindrical, and the shape of the low chromium section is push-eight (cone). High chromium alloy casting section and high chromium alloy section can be collectively referred to as high chromium section or steel section, which belong to castings. Most domestic wear-resistant material companies use intermediate frequency electric furnaces to smelt high-quality scrap, chromium alloys and other alloy materials after matching, microalloying treatment, tempering, and then sand casting molding, and then high temperature quenching and tempering treatment to obtain a martensite matrix to achieve higher hardness and wear resistance. Among them, the high chromium section produced by the constant temperature casting process has excellent performance, no defects such as sand inclusion, pores, collapse, etc., better protects the liner in the cylinder, and reduces the frequency of feeding and the frequency of turning on and off the mill.

What are the advantages of the high chromium section? ‍

High chromium section and low chromium section are widely used in powder preparation and ultra-fine deep processing in cement building materials, metal mines, coal slurry thermal power, chemical engineering, ceramic coatings, light industrial papermaking, magnetic materials and other industries. Compared with the low chromium section, the high chromium section has lower abrasion, good toughness and less crushing. The surface hardness will be further improved, and the wear resistance will be enhanced during use. At the same time, it can increase the production capacity of the mill and increase the specific surface area of the cement and the recovery rate of concentrate. With the rapid development of the national economy, resource industries such as cement, metallurgy, and mining have developed vigorously, and steel section application manufacturers have been increasing. The advent of the high chromium section not only improves the grinding efficiency, reduces the time of stopping the ball filling and the number of starts and stops, but also extends the clearance cycle and reduces the labor intensity of the workers.

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