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What is the hardness of the high chromium ball?

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The high chromium ball adopts the oil quenching process, and its hardness is as high as 62-66HRC. It is not only wear-resistant but also has good toughness. The oil quenched grinding ball is immersed in the oil bath, so the quenching is more uniform and thorough, and the grinding ball is rarely out of round during use. 

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Traditional steel balls are wind quenched, which has certain limitations. Wind quenching cannot achieve the chilling effect, and the temperature of the windward and leeward surfaces is different, which makes the steel balls easy to deform during use. The hardness at the mouth of the casting cap of traditional craft products is about 2 hardness lower than the hardness of other places. During use, the mouth of the casting cap is easy to sink into an apple shape, which affects the grinding effect and the stability of the mill gradation. This is a traditional process Insurmountable drawbacks. 

The phoenix-shaped grinding ball is not only wear-resistant but not easy to deform, it can maintain the stability of the ball mill gradation for a long time, greatly improve the operation rate of the grinding system equipment, the same unit energy consumption, completely different output, as an industrial and mining enterprise, the output is the benefit !
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