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About Forged Steel Ball

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Do you know Forged Steel Ball? Read this article, you can clearly know what is Forged Steel Ball.

About Forged Steel Ball

What's Forged Steel Ball?

The Forged Steel Ball is one type of Grinding Media widely used in Mineral Processing Plants, Chemical Industries and crush or grind materials in a mill.

The forged steel ball is excellent in surface quality, toughness and resistance to impact and abrasion. It won't crack and lose circularity easily. The forging and stamping method that ALLSTAR use is that heating the metal until the temperature reaches 1050℃ (±50℃), and utilizing the metal-forming machinery to exert pressure onto the metal blank, then the metal blank coming out with plastic deformation to become the forge piece with certain mechanical properties, shape and dimension.

The forging can eliminate the defects such as porous as-cast microstructure generated during the smelting process of the metal, and optimize the microstructure. Meanwhile, as a result of the preservation of the complete metal flow line, the forge piece has superior mechanical performance to the casting with the same material. The forged steel ball must use the super wear resistant material to ensure the abrasion resistance, such as the high-carbon steel materials compliant with the national standard, or the high wear resistant alloy steel material researched and developed independently by some companies themselves.

Advantage of ALLSTAR Forged Steel Ball

Allstar utilize the steel material manufactured by the national large steel mill. Even using the same material, different mills would produce the steel having different quality. The quality of the forge piece depends on the quality of the material by 80%. For example, the forge piece fabricated by using the high manganese steel has good toughness and resistance to impact and abrasion It also won't crack easily.

Allstar product has precise size, high roundness, high hardness and mechanical properties, It is resistant to abrasion, and won't deform and crack. That can be fully shown from the aspects of high overall hardness, high surface hardness of up to 57HRC to 67HRC, high volume hardness as large as 56HRC to 64HRC, uniform hardness distribution, high impact toughness of greater than 12J/cm2, low breakage rate, peel fragmentation resistance property of over 20000 times, and the actual breakage rate not greater than 1% and close to 0. 

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