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Grinding media ball determines the grinding effect

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With the increasing fineness requirements of powders, ultrafine powder grinding equipment such as stirring mills, sand mills, and high-speed vibration mills play an increasingly important role. In the use of ultrafine pulverizing equipment, the choice of grinding media is a very important issue, which determines the cost and pulverization efficiency in the pulverization process and the quality of the pulverized product. The material, density, hardness, size, shape, filling rate, production method and grading of the grinding media have a great influence on the grinding effect.

grinding media ball

The influence of the material of the grinding medium on the pulverization effect

The material of the grinding media ball determines the cost and the grinding efficiency in the grinding process. The difference in the chemical composition of the grinding media determines the difference in the crystal structure of the grinding media which in turn determines the different compressive strength and wear resistance of the grinding meda, and the difference in the content of the components determines the density and hardness of the grinding media.

The abrasion of the grinding media and the length of the grinding time have a direct impact on the purity of the product. The abrasion and crushing failure of the grinding media balls will cause the loss of the grinding media, thereby increasing the cost in the grinding and pulverizing process; considering the quality of the pulverized product, the media during the crushing process is constantly worn, and the worn fine powder is distributed in the product, which will cause product contamination.

The density and hardness of the grinding media balls play an important role in the grinding efficiency: the higher the density of the media, the higher the grinding efficiency; the higher the hardness and the less abrasion, the easier the product purity can be guaranteed. However, under the conditions of certain slurry specific gravity and viscosity, the density and hardness of the grinding media are not good as high as possible. Pursuing too high density and hardness will not only bring high costs, but also produce a series of adverse effects.
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