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Allstar - one of leading grinding steel ball manufacturers

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The grinding steel ball is used in many industries like power plant, quartz sand factory, cement plant, chemical plant, silica sand factory and other dry grinding fields.

Grinding steel ball is designed and produced by combining scrap metal, scrap steel, and other waste scraps which will be melted by the heat of a median frequency electric furnace. While doing the process of melting, some amount of precious metal alloy like iron, manganese, vanadium etc.

It will be added to the enclosed material of for chemical composition. Then the molten iron will be get poured into the production line of mold steel ball at the time when its temperature of molten iron reach more than 1550℃ and the molten iron meets other technology requirements.

Its quality is verified when it is not allowed that crack, obvious porosity, slag inclusion, shrinkage, cold insulation, wrinkled skin and other casting defects exist on the section which goes through the centre of gate and sphere.

grinding steel ball

There are many of the licensed companies that manufacture and produce the high quality and reliable grinding ball. But we are the leading and certified manufacturer with an experienced team and have better expertise in the manufacture and supplying the accurate products and solutions.

Our grinding steel balls are produced with high resistance, uniform hardness and low breakage and damage. We also deliver grinding ball which is supported and produced by the advanced scientific and manufacturing equipment. Our company is well equipped to produce the high-quality materials with high quality and as reliable products.

We are the world’s leading manufacturer to manufacture grinding balls with the perfect finish and as high-quality products. Our company is highly reputable and delivers the high-quality product within the short amount of time to the customer.

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