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Compare Forged Steel Ball with Casting Steel Ball at Allstar

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Features of Forged Steel Ball:

Allstar Forged Steel Ball is hammer forged from selected high quality carbon and alloy steels. By hammer forged, the balls have good density and strengths in favor of impact grinding. And rigidly managed forging process ensuring spherical ball shape.

 forged steel ball

Features of Casting Steel Ball:

Casting Steel Ball- We produce the casting steel balls by using metal mold instead of sand mold which affect the overall structure of steel balls. This kind of metal mold delivers quick cooling to the smelted metal.

casting steel ball


Main Benefits of Forged Steel Ball                                       Main Benefits of Casting Steel Ball

1. Uniform hardness throughout                                            1. Uniform hardness throughout

2. High wear resistance                                                         2. High wear resistance

3. High impact toughness                                                      3.No deformation

4. Low breakage rate                                                             4. High resistance to breakage


Application of Forged Steel Ball                                          Application of Casting Steel Ball

1. Ball mills/Vertimills                                                          1. Ball mills/ Vertimills

2. SAG mills                                                                       2. Mineral processing plants

3. Mainly used in gold, copper and other                                 3. Power stations

4. Mineral processing plants                                                   4. Cement Plants


And when we compare the Specifications of Forged Steel Ball with Casting Steel Ball, we can find out that the statistics of the Diameter, Surface Hardness and Core Hardness for Forged Steel Ball and Casting Steel Ball are quite close. But there are some differences in the Chemical Composition (%), you can compare the data below.


Chemical Composition (%) for Forged Steel Ball              Chemical Composition (%) for Casting Steel Ball

1. C 0.57-0.65                                                                                        1. C 2.20-3.20

2. Mn 0.70-1.00                                                                                       2.Mn 0.50-1.50

3. SI 0.17-0.37                                                                                         3 SI 1.00 max

4. CR 0.25max                                                                                           4. CR 10.00-14.00

5. S 0.035 max                                                                                           5. S 0.06 max

6. P 0.035 max                                                                                            6. P 0.06 max


ALLSTAR INDUSTRY GROUP LIMITED is the most leading and certified company for manufacturing high quality and reliable grinding media. We have the best expertise in manufacturing and supplying both Forged Steel Ball and Casting Steel Ball. You can choose the Products after the industrial preparation purpose.



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